The aim of this project is to introduce the personality of the Catholic clergyman Josef Miklík. He was one of many who risked their own lives to save their friends from the Nazis, and yet his story is unique. In this cruel time, Miklík showed how important and great is the everyday little heroism of seemingly insignificant people.

The story of the friendship between a Redemptorist priest and a doctor of Jewish origin does not have a happy ending, but is an example of deep humanity that can inspire us even today. Miklík himself processed his memories in the book Vzpomínky z Terezína (Memories from Terezín), which was first published in 1946.

The personality of Josef Miklík is interesting not only in terms of the history of the Holocaust, but also church history and even genealogy. The paradox of the three Miklíks is a hard nut that grows from a bush with thoroughly intertwined branches.